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Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Click Dimensions: Landing Pages

The integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ClickDimensions provides a wide variety of feature-rich marketing tools. Tools that can be powerful assets for a company if they know where to find them, and more importantly, how to use them. Click Dimensions already provides outstanding training for their users, but we wanted to offer some tips […]

Tips to “Lean-Out” the RFP Process for Software Selection

A crucial step to any software selection process is the creation of the Request for Proposal (RFP) documents. These documents help companies identify which product(s) / vendor(s) will be the best fit in terms meeting their pre-established requirements. However, most companies are not doing their due diligence when it comes to gathering requirements, which is […]

A BIG Issue Sale Reps have with CRM: Big Brother

‘How come it feels like someone is watching me’ isn’t just a lyric to a song from the 80’s. It’s how many sales reps feel about CRM. We’re going to highlight where these feelings come from. Separate fact from fiction. And give sales managers and sales reps strategies to get the benefits of CRM without feeling […]

Pipeline or Pipedream?

Are your sales forecasts vanishing into thin air at the end of the quarter? If yes, it makes it difficult to run your business from a revenue and cash flow perspective. Typically there are two main causes for vanishing forecasts. They are: 1. Not having a solid sales process in place with tangible, measurable activities […]

What’s So Important about Discovery & Requirements Gathering?

The Top Five Benefits of Discovery & Requirements Gathering Develops an understanding of client’s goals and values Defines project scope and governance model Identifies opportunities for process improvement Illustrates current gaps (internal and external) Generates cross-organizational dialogue towards an improved business model Getting Started… You’ll want to minimize the risk involved with a project of […]

Does Your Retail Implementation Have the ROI it Should?

It’s budgeting time and you are evaluating capital expenditures for next year. One project that has been put off for several years is a new, better integrated retail system. This is sometimes a hard sell with the operations and financial segments of the company. Retail systems touch almost every part of the company and can […]

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