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Process first. Technology second. It’s a simple but effective approach. Because software isn’t the end game, solving the business problem is.

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A Template Approach to ERP Implementations

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  • “ITK worked with the customer around their business processes to identify the fits and the gaps – and, where there were gaps, how could you use the system without customization to make those business processes, those requirements, fit.” – M. Gauthier, AX Practice Manager (Dell)

  • “ITK’s team is a cut above the rest. They truly understand business process, not just ERP, and that’s a rarity in the consulting space these days.” – P. Kilcommons, Business Development Manager (Microsoft Consulting Services)

  • “I can always rely on ITK to send in the right resources, the right level of resources, depending on the requirements. From the C level down to the details.”

  • “ITK’s CRM consultant blew my expectations out of the water.” – W. Mansell, Senior Marketing Analyst (General Dynamics IT)