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Retail, wholesale and brands

We help Retailers with Digital Transformation so they become Avian Dinosaurs

(they were the ones that survived)

Avian dinosaurs (also known as birds), are alive and well to this day because of their ability adapt. There are commonalities with retailers, wholesalers and brands that survive and thrive. We’ve identified five critical priorities every modern retailer needs to know. Click below to read it. 

Scenarios We Can Help With

Replace Legacy Software (& Thinking)

Competition has grown fiercer. Technology advancements are ushering in new shopping experiences and causing consumer expectations to go up and up. Trying to prevail in this hyper-competitive environment can’t be done with yesterday’s technology and operational models. Business processes are often aligned with the software in use at the time of the original implementation. Getting an organization to change how they work after working that way for many years is not just a technology challenge, it’s an organizational challenge.

Project Went Sideways

There are innumerable opportunities for a complex initiative to go South. When they do corrections through trial and error is a luxury no retailer can afford. Targeted swift interventions that engage and energize the whole organization need the kind of experience you get from triaging and salvaging failed implementations. The kind of experience you get when you have a team comprised of retail, digital transformation and business process experts. 

Small Problem Grows

Sometimes there is an element of a project that was either overlooked or otherwise was unsuccessful, and you’re not getting the intended results; you’re not hitting key metrics. What’s surprising is that for the most part the project seemed to have gone great. The problem is, if left unattended, relative small issues can fester, growing in impact. Investigation and remediation to resolve the issue is not a trivial exercise and is not something a generalist, regardless of size, can handle efficiently. 

Retail Industry Expertise
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Why ITK for your Transformation?

We Solve Challenging Retail Industry Problems

We have deep industry expertise, not just implementing software but working IN Retail.

Retail Business Process Experts

Our business process and industry expertise help us show our clients how best to leverage software to solve their specific issues.  

Over 150 Implementations and Counting

This is not our first rodeo. We have led some of the most complex ERP implementations on premise and in the cloud. So you can benefit from our many years of experience. 

Customers & Projects

Below are some of the over 150+ Retail projects we've undertaken


Discover the Five Keys to Survival Every Retailer Must Know

Included in this essential WHITEPAPER is an INFOgraphic you can use to guide the conversation WITH SENIOR LEADERSHIP AND EXPLAIN SUCCINCTLY the key shifts going on in Retail.

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