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Digital Transformation
in Plain English

There is a first step in every journey. We’ve created the ideal first step for your digital transformation. It is to simply review the Five Critical Factors for Success in any Digital Transformation below. Once you’ve done this, we welcome your Digital Business Transformation questions at [email protected]

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is the change, driven by technology, moving individuals and companies from the exclusively physical world to the evolving, virtual world. 

The Promise of Digital Transformation

Meeting Customer Expectation

Customer expectations are not static. They are constantly evolving shaped by all manner of experiences, positive and negative. The only way to meet customer expectations is to understand these experiences. The path to understanding comes from a meaningful two-way dialog. Digital Transformation demands the customer be the center of all activity of the enterprise. 

Survival Depends on it

We are not transforming the digital world. The digital world is transforming us. The initial reaction is to attribute any stress and frustration to the technology itself. The Technology is driving the transformation. When companies do not align their business practices and organization with the technology, the transformation fails to deliver results to the customer and ultimately the enterprise.     

Technology Strategy must Support Transformation Strategy

Historically technology strategy centered around cost containment and scaling transactions. Today’s technology strategy must be centered around the customer. Achieving this requires knowing who the customer is, how and where they like to shop and what they want to buy. The technology strategy must support the capabilities that provide this full understanding of the customer and meeting their expectations.   

  • 90% of CEOs believe the digital economy will impact their industry, but less than 15% are executing on a digital strategyAmit Zavery, VP and Head of Platform, Google Clou

  • Amit Zavery, VP and Head of Platform, Google Clou

MIT SLoan 

Five Critical Factors for Success 
in any Digital Transformation

The most common misconception is that Digital Transformation is a technology-centric silver bullet solution for all that ails the industry.
While it cannot be denied that technology plays a key role, the reality is that Digital Transformation is a broad based and complex challenge
requiring the cooperation and collaboration of the entire enterprise.

Leadership. Leadership. Leadership.


Nothing happens without it. Having the Right, digital savvy leaders in place may seem obvious, but it bears restatement. Unfortunately,  many initiatives are undertaken as discrete, tactical, remedial efforts disconnected from strategic goals or coordination with other projects. 

Communicate! Keep internal stakeholders engaged and external stakeholders excited

A strategy, once articulated by leadership, requires deliberate communication planning, and implementation to assure the message is heard accurately and consistently by every member of each audience. Critical to the success is that communication planning and execution happens throughout the life of the initiative not just as a corporate announcement at the outset. 



Support a Culture of Change


Many companies have depended upon traditions to shape the way they conduct business. As the pace of change continues to grow, this works against businesses. The first thing organizations must do is to recognize and accept the need for change.

Any organization that stubbornly holds onto tradition and rejects change, will sow the seeds of their own demise.     


Anticipate and invest in acquiring Future-Proof skills  

The evolution of Technology has made information available to more people in everyday life and business fundamentally redefining the way world operates. It has raised the bar on expectations while lowering the barriers of access to information but only for those who have the skills and ability to participate. 

Everyday Technology is both a driver of change 
and driven by change

Technology alone will never deliver successful Digital Transformation. But when positioned and supported correctly, it can serve as a catalyst for change. Digital Transformation is the journey that organizations must take to fully capitalize on the potential offered by technology.


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