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We Help Nonprofits & NGOs have a More Complete Financial and Operations Picture

ITK Solutions Group is focused on helping Nonprofits and NGOs track contributions, grants and awards, as well as project expenditures. We do this using Unit4 ERP’s Nonprofit (expedited) Model, along with ITK’s Template Approach optimized for the needs of your specific business. This ensures that you are adopting a proven process designed specifically for your industry and at the same time are afforded an efficient, cost-effective process. 

What if You Could...

Track Contributions, grants and Awards

We make the process of tracking contributions one less thing you have to worry about. So you always know exactly where you are. 

Track project expenditures

We understand that your mission isn’t to track projects expenses. Which is why we make sure this process is as efficient as possible, so you can focus on what really matters.

Have a complete financal picture in one place

Data is only as valuable as it is accessible. We help put the numbers that matter to you, going in and going out, so you have a complete view of our financial picture.

Our Services


Our implementation services are transforming how nonprofits and NGOs work. We help you keep your focus on your mission, while keeping an eye on your financials and operations.

Unit4 Nonprofit (expedited) Model/ITK Template Approach

Our expedited implementation approach uses Unit4’s Model approach as well as our own ITK template approach, which is made possible by our extensive industry and business process expertise. 

Process Optimization/Tune-up

Not sure if you’re getting the most from your existing software investment, or need assistance with your business processes independent of software, we can help. We’re not just software experts. We’re business process experts with expertise in best practices. 


Should we upgrade our software? Should we switch to the cloud? What happens if we don’t upgrade…will the software still be supported? You have questions, we have answers. 

Extended Support

We support our customers throughout the implementation but it doesn’t stop there. We have flexible programs to suit your specific needs. 

Why ITK for your next Unit4 ERP Implementation?

Not Just just Implementors,
We're Users

We aren’t just software implementation partners for Unit4 ERP. Our consultants have worked in the same jobs as our customers. So we understand the challenges our customers face every day.

We're NonProfit & 
NGO Experts

You would expect that we would be Unit4 software experts. However, what makes use different than other partners is that we’re not just software experts. We’re industry experts.

Work Closely with Unit4

We are a certified Unit4 Partner, which means we know Unit4 ERP software and how to help our customers squeeze the most value from their investment. We also have a dialogue with Unit4 to provide feedback to make it even better over time.

If Nonprofits were a country, they would have the 5th largest economy in the world.
(Johns Hopkins University)

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