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A BIG Issue Sale Reps have with CRM: Big Brother

Big Brother

‘How come it feels like someone is watching me’ isn’t just a lyric to a song from the 80’s. It’s how many sales reps feel about CRM. We’re going to highlight where these feelings come from. Separate fact from fiction. And give sales managers and sales reps strategies to get the benefits of CRM without feeling a need to put tinfoil on your head.

Where does that feeling come from?

Any time you’re tracking metrics, (metrics that relate to what someone is doing with their time), it’s not out of the question to have a feeling that someone left the drapes open and you’re being watched. Imagine if another department’s activities were suddenly scrutinized. This dynamic is further compounded because many sales folks got into sales because they enjoy their freedom.


If you want to get the trust of your sales team, track only what’s necessary. Here’s a big hint. Track the metrics that have to do with productivity NOT just being busy. Being busy and productive are not the same thing. Focus on the productive part and worry less about how busy they are and your sales team will begin to trust you AND trust the CRM system.

CRM Systems have grown up:

The next generation of salespeople don’t have a history with CRM. They are more willing to jump in because in modern CRM Systems (Like Microsoft Dynamics CRM) they realize it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. CRM systems didn’t start out as the nimble, customizable systems they are today. But the new folks don’t know that. Much of the baggage CRM systems have is leftover from products that could be very useful, but frankly in their desire to provide maximum benefit tracked unnecessary variables that gave rise to the Big Brother reputation that many sales folks still hold onto.


The best salespeople are like the best defensive backs. They have short memories. It’s a survival skill that helps you jump back into the game after multiple rejections. Tap into that part of you (or have your sales team tap into the part of themselves) that is willing to get back in there, not because someone tells them to, but for the same reason you dive into the next sales opportunity: because of the upside – what’s possible if you’re willing to take a bit of a risk.

One Last Point on Memory:

Having a short memory is helpful in some ways. But CRM can also help you have a good memory where it matters. That’s where CRM has gotten very powerful. Knowing the kind of information that can help you make a sale. And we’re not just talking about contact info. When you don’t have that information you run into what we call Retail Amnesia™. That’s what happens when you treat a customer like you’ve never met before each time you meet. That’s not good for sales.

We’ll cover more on how CRM can help you and your Sales team (as well as Customer Service and Marketing) in upcoming posts.


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