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Pipeline or Pipedream?

Are your sales forecasts vanishing into thin air at the end of the quarter?

If yes, it makes it difficult to run your business from a revenue and cash flow perspective. Typically there are two main causes for vanishing forecasts. They are:

1. Not having a solid sales process in place with tangible, measurable activities that move a prospect from one stage to another
2. Sales managers not asking the qualifying and difficult questions

What qualifies them as a prospect? Can your rep tell you the business issues that your product or service will be addressing for this prospect? What business outcomes do they want to achieve?  Are they talking to the decision maker? What is their process for reaching a decision? What is the next scheduled activity with that prospect?

Dig deeper by asking the right questions and see the difference it makes on your pipeline.

By Judy Sunblade, ITK Solutions Group, LLC

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