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Three Missed Opportunities for Maximizing ERP Value

ERP’s value can no longer be tied to just standardizing business processes or centralizing data. Many companies only realize a fraction of the business value from their initial ERP implementation. Usually due to the magnitude of an ERP implementation project, companies implement phase 1 (the minimum requirements), and rarely go back to enhance the solution.

The 3 Missed Opportunities are:

1. Not evolving ERP strategy to mirror business goals
2. Inability to bridge the gap between IT and business users
3. Not streamlining business processes to maximize your ERP’s ROI, ASAP

Continually evolving your ERP strategy is critical to adding value to the business and in achieving desired results.

Key strategies include:

1. Developing an ERP Application Roadmap that defines your application strategy and ensures alignment with business goals – short and long term.

2. By engaging IT and functional users in developing the roadmap you bridge the gap between IT and the business users.

3. The roadmap is then used as a foundation to conduct a current state assessment to identify areas for process improvement – to streamline and accelerate results.

Identify and document quantifiable metrics for key areas to ensure you are maximizing your ERP applications and driving real business value.  If you don’t have a roadmap in place driving the direction of your ERP, you are at risk for not achieving your desired business outcomes.ERP, Business Applications, ROI, ERP Roadmap.

By Judy Sunblade, ITK Solutions Group, LLC


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