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A Very COVID Christmas

How will Retail fare during this unprecedented time? Find out what to expect for Christmas 2020, and the trends into the 2021 holidays.

The Retail Holy Grail: Building Trust and Earning Loyalty

Trust is the foundation of loyalty, yet trust is a measure of how well the retailer knows its consumer. Both store-native and digital-native retailers have been found guilty of treating consumers as homogeneous groups, stratified only by their economic value to the retailer… and consumers know it. At its core, this behavior stems from a […]

The Changing Rules of Retail

The last 40 years have seen a massive change in the wholesale and retail industries. From the “Hay Day” of retailing in the ‘80s to the present day, the industry has undergone significant transformation. In the past three years, particularly, the rate of change has accelerated at a scale that is hard to comprehend.  Many […]

A Brief History of Retail

We’ve all heard some form of Charles Darwin’s famous axiom “It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.” This was Darwin’s attempt to explain how millions of years of evolution has resulted in the world we live in. At its heart this explains […]

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