Three Missed Opportunities for Maximizing ERP Value

ERP’s value can no longer be tied to just standardizing business processes or centralizing data. Many companies only realize a fraction of the business value from their initial ERP implementation. Usually due to the magnitude of an ERP implementation project, companies implement phase 1 (the minimum requirements), and rarely go back to enhance the solution. […]

What’s So Important about Discovery & Requirements Gathering?

The Top Five Benefits of Discovery & Requirements Gathering Develops an understanding of client’s goals and values Defines project scope and governance model Identifies opportunities for process improvement Illustrates current gaps (internal and external) Generates cross-organizational dialogue towards an improved business model Getting Started… You’ll want to minimize the risk involved with a project of […]

Does Your Retail Implementation Have the ROI it Should?

It’s budgeting time and you are evaluating capital expenditures for next year. One project that has been put off for several years is a new, better integrated retail system. This is sometimes a hard sell with the operations and financial segments of the company. Retail systems touch almost every part of the company and can […]