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Importing Financial Dimension Values for Departments – Microsoft Dynamics AX

The following scenario occurred while I was uploading (via DIXF) the standard financial dimensions for a client in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. To review, the standard financial dimensions in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 are Cost Center, Department and Business Unit. I ran into a bit of a roadblock while I was using the DIEF […]

US Retail Operations Set-up – Six Compliance Laws & Regulations You Should Know

As a foreign retail entity using Microsoft Dynamics AX; moving your retail business overseas can be a daunting task if you don’t have the proper resources to help guide you through the process. Especially when it comes to United States business compliance laws & regulations. You’ll need to understand which areas of compliance Microsoft Dynamics […]

Leveraging Buyer Push Functionality in AX 2012

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 offers rich features when it comes to Buyer Push functionality. One scenario, with setup on using this functionality, is illustrated below. Buyer push can be through a replenishment rule linked to the retail (merchandise) hierarchy; via a replenishment hierarchy using the warehouse location weights assigned or with a fixed quantity to all stores selected. The second […]

ITK Spotlight – Retail Item and Channel Profitability

Welcome to the ITK Spotlight. Where a senior ITK Solutions Group team member will introduce a topic that Retail professionals are interested in to help them with their future or ongoing Retail ERP / CRM project(s). For those of you who are not familiar with ITK Solutions Group, we are retail experts who just happen to be systems integrators. […]

Unraveling Credit Card Merchant Fees

The cost of accepting credit and debit cards has become unavoidable for retailers as our culture continues to shift from paper to plastic – and I’m not talking about grocery bags. The fees imposed on merchants can be confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes a bit shady. Understanding the breakdown of processing fees and pricing models is […]

Are Visa and MasterCard Overpriced Dinosaurs?

The past few years have witnessed a revolution in retail payment processing. New options in payment processing have emerged from a landscape consisting almost entirely of credit cards, debit cards and store branded cards. Also during this time period, amounts charged for merchant processing of charge cards have continued to rise, which has been a […]

What’s So Important about Discovery & Requirements Gathering?

The Top Five Benefits of Discovery & Requirements Gathering Develops an understanding of client’s goals and values Defines project scope and governance model Identifies opportunities for process improvement Illustrates current gaps (internal and external) Generates cross-organizational dialogue towards an improved business model Getting Started… You’ll want to minimize the risk involved with a project of […]

PCI Compliance – The Acronym that Doesn’t Get Much Respect

Acronyms are often thrown around the office like softballs. But when you hear the words “PCI Compliance” you probably will want to pay attention – especially if you want to stay in business. What you don’t know can hurt you PCI Compliance or Payment Card Industry Compliance is a set of unified rules and guidelines […]

Does Your Retail Implementation Have the ROI it Should?

It’s budgeting time and you are evaluating capital expenditures for next year. One project that has been put off for several years is a new, better integrated retail system. This is sometimes a hard sell with the operations and financial segments of the company. Retail systems touch almost every part of the company and can […]

Key to Growth; Tracking Activities

One of the biggest mistakes that entrepreneurs and business leaders make is failure to track key activities and results. You probably struggle with balancing the reality of running your business day to day while building business value. Setting annual targets once a year and not tracking how your organization is performing on a regular basis […]

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