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Poor Accounting Practices, Not the Skill of Thieves, Results in Financial Losses

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled ‘Hackers Trick Email Systems into Wiring Them Large Sums’ discusses losses estimated at $1B over the last two years from email hacking schemes. The gist is that thieves get control over email accounts and then direct company employees to pay possibly legitimate invoices to fraudulent bank […]

Retail Merchandising Decisions: Art versus Science

Choosing which products to purchase and in what quantities is one of the biggest decisions any Chief Merchandising Officer will make. These decisions can make or break a company’s seasonal sales (and, given the thin margins many retailers operate on, can make or break a company financially). Retail systems now provide a wealth of item-level […]

15 signs that it might be time to reevaluate your ERP solution

Implementing a new ERP solution is a decision that most companies choose to avoid until it becomes absolutely necessary. This is understandable when you take into consideration the sizable capital investment and time commitment that goes along with it. Not to mention the potential risk that companies are exposed to (unexpected delays & costs) during […]

Tips to “Lean-Out” the RFP Process for Software Selection

A crucial step to any software selection process is the creation of the Request for Proposal (RFP) documents. These documents help companies identify which product(s) / vendor(s) will be the best fit in terms meeting their pre-established requirements. However, most companies are not doing their due diligence when it comes to gathering requirements, which is […]

Calculating the Post-Deployment ROI of your ERP Investment: 3 Step Process

Last week we discussed the importance of Calculating the Pre-Deployment ROI of your ERP Investment, and also gave some insight into how to begin that process. For some of you, it may already be too late to calculate the pre-deployment ROI of your ERP solution. So this week, we’ll go over the steps necessary to […]

Calculating the Pre-Deployment ROI of your ERP Investment

When the term ROI is brought up in relation to ERP investments, it’s often assumed that an ROI calculation can’t be derived until a solution is selected and implemented. But, according to Nucleus Research’s ‘The ROI for ERP: An Overall Approach’ calculating an estimated ROI, before-hand, can help establish a solid baseline for comparison with […]

The Ultimate Goal Of Omni-Channel Retail

The word “Omni-channel” has rapidly become a common buzzword amongst the retail community, and rightfully so. It’s a powerful way for retailers to connect with their customers on a deeper level, and deliver a shopping experience that’s custom-tailored specifically around their personal tastes and preferences. But, keep in mind that being a “true” Omni-channel retailer […]

How to Fix RDP Full Screen Bug while Connected to a Projector

Often when we connect to a projector AND a Remote Desktop (RDP), the display / resolution settings force us to slide around the screen to access the entire desktop when in ‘full screen’. We’re used to seeing the slider bars below despite being in Full Screen.The reason for this error is due to a bug […]

Vendor Price Protection in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Overview: Vendor Price Protection is a topic Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Retail Customers often ask the best practice method using standard AX processes. Vendor Price Protections are agreements between the vendor and customer where in the event the on-hand inventory is devalued, the vendor will reimburse the customer for the loss of value. This is […]

Personalizing the Customer Shopping Experience

Today’s retail customer, demands a custom-tailored and consistent shopping experience, regardless of the sales channel. That’s nothing new, right? Right. Then why are so many retailers choosing to ignore this shift in consumer buying habits? Does it have something to do with mitigating risk? It’s not easy to be the innovators and early adopters. Accepting […]

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