Five Signs Your Accounting Firm Has Outgrown Your Technology

As long as civilization has been engaged in trade–there have been accountants. There are records of tax accounting on clay tablets from Egypt and Mesopotamia as early as 2,000-3,300 BC. What’s surprising is that some accounting firms still are using technology with more in common with how things were done at the advent of accounting, […]

Seven Reports Rural Telecom CFOs Can Pull in Minutes

A CFO’s impact on the organization is governed by how efficiently they can accomplish key tasks and having the right tools to do so. One impediment to a CFO’s productivity is when the CEO asks for reporting that takes time to gather. Gathering the report could be time consuming because it’s data someone else on […]

How to Set-up 1099s in Microsoft Dynamics AX or D365

It’s almost that time of the year, again. No, we’re not talking about the holidays. We’re talking about year-end tax prep. We’ve put together a process to help you set-up 1099’s in AX/D365, so they can be sent to vendors and to the IRS. As a reminder, the filing deadline is 1/31/18 for vendors and for the […]

How Mid-Market Companies Can Afford High End Consulting Services

To understand how this is possible, it helps to probe a bit deeper and look into the unspoken benefits of an ERP implementation. Most companies know the impact of a modern ERP system. It can help you become more efficient. It can help you leverage data and knowledge that may otherwise be buried in one area of […]

How an ERP system that used to be out of reach for many companies is now affordable

First starters, how is this possible? The short answer is a Template Approach. It is an uber-efficient approach to ERP implementations that brings the benefits and efficiencies of a modern ERP system without the high barrier of entry – the large investment. However, a Template Approach is NOT for everyone. Here is a breakdown of the companies […]

Seven Reasons It Takes so Long to Close the Books

Do any of these seven reasons sound familiar? Reason #1: Manual Spreadsheets These are one of the more obvious and common speed bumps in the close process. Using spreadsheets is one of leading indicators of companies who are good candidates for improvement in the close process. Spreadsheets have evolved over the years but they have their […]

When it comes to Consolidations, 2 > 4

When you’re closing the books, data that is two weeks old is much more valuable than data that is four weeks old. This is an issue for many companies. In particular, companies with multiple currencies, have disparate ERP and other finance systems and are heavy users of manual spreadsheets. Here are the implications of taking […]