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March 9, 2017

How Mid-Market Companies Can Afford High End Consulting Services

ITK-Banner-3.9.17To understand how this is possible, it helps to probe a bit deeper and look into the unspoken benefits of an ERP implementation.

Most companies know the impact of a modern ERP system. It can help you become more efficient. It can help you leverage data and knowledge that may otherwise be buried in one area of your company, so that it can be used by all parts of the company. It can tie together disparate systems. The list goes on.

What does not always come to mind is the unspoken benefits that come with an ERP system. The high-end, high quality consulting that goes along with an ERP Implementation.

Now that is not a given. All consulting companies are not the same. But let’s accept that premise for a minute – that your consulting partner, your System Integrator (SI), has a good understanding of business processes for your industry. They know how to leverage software to solve your business problems. So, in addition to the software, which has tremendous leverage, the SI can have tremendous leverage. (Stick with us for another minute, this is not a shameless plug!)

However, the high-end consulting that often/can/sometimes goes with a standard ERP Implementation comes with a price tag. Sure, there is an ROI story that puts the price tag in context. But for many companies, even with a proven ROI, the cost is a barrier of entry. That is no longer the case.

There is another option.

Mid-market companies – like Telco Coops and Boutique Retailers – are no longer excluded from a high quality ERP system and the high quality consulting that can go along with it because of something called a Template Approach. In short, it removes the high cost of entry that previously stood in the way of mid market companies by using an uber efficient process that takes a fraction of the time and cost. You can read more about it here.

If you’re familiar with the 80/20 Principle, then you are already familiar with a Template Approach. You put a vast majority of your time and effort into the areas where you get the most leverage. As we mentioned above, not every firm can do that. (OK, that was a slight shameless plug.) Your SI must understand business process.

But if they do, you now have access to the high quality consulting that previously was only available to Fortune 500 companies. Because of something called a Template Approach.


February 1, 2017

How an ERP system that used to be out of reach for many companies is now affordable

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First starters, how is this possible? The short answer is a Template Approach. It is an uber-efficient approach to ERP implementations that brings the benefits and efficiencies of a modern ERP system without the high barrier of entry – the large investment.

However, a Template Approach is NOT for everyone. Here is a breakdown of the companies who ARE an ideal candidate and which ones are NOT – and why.

A Template Approach IS for you if:

  • Small to Mid-Tier Company
  • Revenue $100 million – $2 Billion
  • Larger companies for certain processes (accounts payable & core financials)
  • Have Your Own Processes (but you don’t need to)
  • Boutique Retailers
  • Telco Coops (Utility Industry Coops)

A Template Approach is NOT for you if:

  • Cutting edge companies with cutting edge processes
  • Highly technical businesses with set, custom processes
  • Highly complex conglomerates (Fortune 50)

How is this possible?

How is it that companies – who have the biggest need of becoming more competitive and sharing data throughout their organizations – can now run their businesses with the efficiency of a Fortune 500 company? We leverage the 80/20 Principle. Here’s what we mean by that.

Instead of mapping ALL of your processes, we spend time hunting down the areas where you have your own processes, but you don’t need to. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we use a tested-in-the-field process that gets results. We spend 80% of our time on the areas that will get you the most leverage.

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 One Caveat

There is a catch, however. A Template Approach only works when you know the processes for your industry. Not every Software Integrator (SI) does; ITK Solutions Group does. When your SI  doesn’t know the industry best practices for your industry, they can’t distinguish between the unique processes within your business and where to follow best practices. For some software consulting companies or SI’s, who know software but not business processes, this becomes a wild goose chase with suboptimal results.

You can find out more about how to become a more competitive company that runs like a Fortune 500 company with our free white paper, A Template Approach to ERP Implementations. Or, if you have questions and are interested in finding out how to transform your business, contact Chris Fibbe at cfibbe@itksolutiongroup.com.