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We Don’t Just Know Software. We know how to use it to solve problems.

Our industry experience is different than most consulting firms. We don’t start conversations with prospective clients talking about software. We talk about your challenges. And how we can solve them. Sometimes that involves software. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Business Process Experts
We are process experts first. Software experts second. Many times companies adopt business processes that a software package espouses. But when that software is 10, 15 or more years old, you’re software isn’t just out of date. Your way of working is.

Been in Your Shoes
We understand software technology not just from implementing it, but from using it in the real world. So we know how to get the software to solve your specific challenges.

• Lead Consultant is a former CFO in Retail
• Many of Consultants are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs)

There are few industries that have changed as much in the last ten years as Retail. We’re working with some of the biggest retailers in the US, along with growing mid-size companies. . Are you asking yourself these questions…

We need a Digital Transformation, but WHERE DO WE START? 

How do we improve customer service while REMAINING PROFITABLE?

How do we embrace UNIFIED RETAIL and manage complexities of conducting business on the web and in store?  

The answers to these questions aren’t going to come from a run of the mill consulting firm. It will come from a firm that doesn’t just understand Retail software. They know Retail.

We’ve done a Retail ERP implementation or two – over 150, in fact.

Contact us here for a no hassle, stress-free conversation to shift from surviving to thriving.

Rural Telecom & Broadband 
Competition is fierce as you deal with the burden of aging infrastructure and legacy software. We’re making a modern ERP system affordable to companies like yours that never thought that was possible. Here’s how. We’ve helped clients with the same issues you’re facing and have created an Advisory Board so you have a say in the development of functionality to ensure it meets your needs. So you can share experiences and insights instead of being on your own. We’ve created a Resource Center dedicated to Rural Telco and Broadband you can visit HERE.

Cross Industry
We have broad experience is in the following lines of business:
•  Financial
•  Supply Chain
•  Payroll Systems

We have over 700 projects in the US and around the world, including 500 + total ERP Implementations with an ever increasing number in the Microsoft Dynamics AX/D365 space.

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