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ITK Solutions Group and Applied Retail Transformation Partner to Deliver Advanced Business and Technology Solutions for Retailers

Partnership Leverages Expertise in Business Process and Technology to Help Retailers, Wholesalers and Brands Survive and Thrive in a New Digital World

BEVERLY, Mass., Sept. 30, 2020 — ITK Solutions Group, a leader in digital transformation, today announced that it has established a strategic partnership with Applied Retail Transformation (ART), a management consulting firm specialized in helping retailers, wholesalers and brands with their digital transformation journey. The partnership between ITK and ART combines technical expertise with business process transformation experience across all channels to the consumer.   

The retail industry is being disrupted perhaps more than any other segment. In addition to rampant closures and bankruptcies – many of which were accelerated by COVID-19 – the challenge of today is to migrate to a customer-centric model. Critically, this move to a digital business model based largely on online commerce is far from trivial. Successful implementations capable of addressing the expansion in consumer purchase journeys requires deep industry expertise, not just implementing software but understanding and transforming the business of retail. 

Together, ITK and ART provide a wealth of expertise in supporting the business enterprise in their efforts to respond to shifting consumer behaviors. This combination of business process and technology expertise is allowing retailers to confidently face the challenges of this unique, hyper-competitive environment. Through this partnership, the companies will work together to provide business process direction and software solutions designed to resolve the issues and challenges facing the entire industry. 

“The retail segment is being impacted by several factors that have accelerated the urgency of digital transformation,” said Chris Fibbe, Managing Partner, ITK Solutions Group. “Transformation is no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ as retailers recognize the future growth of the business supported by a largely online model. Making this shift is not easy, which is why we are focused on delivering solutions to the industry that take into account the policies, processes and integrations that are unique to the retail segment. Our partnership with ART is in line with this focus as their expertise in the business of retail is a strong complement to our deep domain expertise delivering software solutions to some of the world’s top brands.”

“The retail landscape has changed. The lines between the customer and how and where they shop are rapidly evolving. The options for consumers have exploded, thus blurring the distinction between retailers, wholesalers and brands,” said Theo Rose, Founder and Principal, Applied Retail Transformation. “This explains why retailers, wholesalers, and brands have been struggling to adapt to doing business in the digital age.  Too often, leaders see technology as the primary solution, but miss the bigger picture. Without deliberate attention to business process, organizational structure, and culture, integrated with technology, the possibility for long-term success is bleak.”

About Applied Retail Transformation. 

Applied Retail Transformation (ART) is a specialized management consulting firm focused on helping retailers, wholesalers and brands navigate the changes vital to doing business in the digital world. Years of hands-on industry experience combined with decades of technology project consulting offers a unique perspective on transforming business from the inside out to become more competitive in today’s radically changing business environment. 

About ITK Solutions Group 

ITK Solutions Group is a consultancy of business process and technology experts helping retail, telecommunications, NGO, and ProServ businesses accelerate their digital transformation and optimize business processes. Founded in 2009, ITK brings together powerful technology solutions with an executive level understanding of industry issues. The ITK team is comprised of industry veterans with more than 50 cumulative years of experience who have successfully delivered some of the largest and most complex retail implementations, including intricate business entity structures, multisite implementations and global rollouts. ITK brings its business process and tech expertise to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (D365 F&O) and AX, software implementation, enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and point of sale system (POS) projects.  

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