Improve Customer Service and still remain profitable

There are few industries that have changed as much in the last ten years as Retail. We’re working with some of the biggest retailers in the US, along with growing mid-size companies.

Sound familiar?

How do we embrace Unified Retail and manage the complexities of conducting business on the web and in store?

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Why ITK for your Retail Implementation?

We Don't Just Know Retail Software, We Know Retail

We have deep industry expertise, not just implementing software but working IN Retail.

We Solve Challenging Retail Problems with Software

Our business process and industry expertise help us show our clients how best to leverage software to solve their specific issues.  

Over 300 Implementations and Counting

This is not our first rodeo. We have led some of the most complex ERP implementations on premise and in the cloud. So you can benefit from our many years of experience. 

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