ERP Returns $7.23 For Every Dollar Spent

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications continue to deliver high return on investment (ROI), with an average benefit of $7.23 returned for every dollar spent, according to a Nucleus Research analysis.

Unraveling Credit Card Merchant Fees

The cost of accepting credit and debit cards has become unavoidable for retailers as our culture continues to shift from paper to plastic – and I’m not talking about grocery

Are Visa and MasterCard Overpriced Dinosaurs?

The past few years have witnessed a revolution in retail payment processing. New options in payment processing have emerged from a landscape consisting almost entirely of credit cards, debit cards

Three Missed Opportunities for Maximizing ERP Value

ERP’s value can no longer be tied to just standardizing business processes or centralizing data. Many companies only realize a fraction of the business value from their initial ERP implementation.

Pipeline or Pipedream?

Are your sales forecasts vanishing into thin air at the end of the quarter? If yes, it makes it difficult to run your business from a revenue and cash flow

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