We Don’t Just Know ERP, CRM & POS Software,
We know how to use it to Solve Business Problems

Accelerate your Transformation with an implementation

When you’re implementing software, it all starts with optimizing business processes. This ensures that you have repeatable and predictable results in your business. No other partner knows processes and how to leverage software to solve business problems better than ITK.

Become more efficient
with Process Optimization

We can make big changes to improve efficiencies without implementing new software by optimizing your business process.

Project Management
& Change Management

What good is new software tech if no one uses it. Or if the project is so disorganized, it's not completed on time or on budget. We can help.

What Makes ITK Different

Don't Just Throw Software at Problems

We love technology. But at heart we are business process experts. However, we see software as a means to an end. Sometimes a software upgrade is needed to enable digital transformation. Sometimes it isn’t.

We've been in Your Shoes

We don’t just implement software, our team members have been in your shoes…in your industry. We have consultants who were CFOs, CPAs, Purchasing Managers and Inventory Control experts before they were consultants.

Long Term Relationships

We have an intense desire for you to succeed that goes beyond software. Which is why many customers come back as repeat customers.

Work Well with Partners

Our team of functional and technical experts integrate well with others. We blur the lines between your team and our team, so there’s just the team.

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