We Don’t Just Implement Software, We Solve Business Problems


We can’t and should not celebrate our technology. The only thing worth celebrating is the success you have with our technology.

– Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft

We are Systems Integrators (SI’s) at our core. However, we see technology as a means, not the end. It is a powerful tool, but not our only tool. We see an ERP Implementation as an opportunity to:

  • Bring efficiencies that come by following best practices of Fortune 500 companies
  • Give you one version of the truth (so valuable info is shared, not buried in silos)
  • Use our experience to know when to bend to the needs of the software (see bullet one)
  • Otherwise, make sure software bends to your needs 
  • Find ways for the implementation to help pay for itself
  • Share what we’ve learned in 500+ ERP Implementations
  • Bring software to companies who thought they couldn’t afford it 
  • In the end…become more competitive

The Cost of an ERP Implementation:
There are three costs to an ERP Implementation:

The Financial Investment. We look to maximize your ROI by looking for ways the implementation can pay for itself. Both in pre-deployment and post deployment ROI of your investment. As systems integrators we have the skills to do that because we don’t just know software we know the problems the software is there to solve – and where to look for them. We also have a Template Approach to ERP Implementations, which brings the cost within reach of low to mid-tier organizations.

The Investment of Time. We can shrink the time of an ERP Implementation (and the time your team is away from their ‘day jobs’) in two ways. We are efficient because we don’t just know ERP software from implementing it, many of the ITK team learned ERP software from actually using it in the real world – not learning on the job.

The Cost of Doing Nothing. Every day you fall behind your competition. Valuable business intelligence is buried in one area of your company, instead of shared by all. Part of you wonders if inefficient and complicated processes are increasing the likelihood that your data is not 100% reliable. Even a Template approach, which bring a modern ERP system within reach of many mid-tier companies, is an investment. But it’s important to consider the cost of not doing anything in your consideration process. This article can show you the 15 signs it’s time to reevaluate your ERP system.

Who we Can Help the Most

Retail | Telco Coops | Healthcare

Does your company have Retail Amnesia®?

Take the guesswork out of the sales process.

With the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, you can know what’s on your customer’s mind before they realize it themselves. When you don’t have a shared vision of your customer across channels, we call it Retail Amnesia. Find out where and how your sales and marketing activities are having an impact on your customer. Your customers often don’t know themselves what their plans are, but they can show you. They leave bread crumbs that indicate their interest level. In social media. In site visits. In their email interactions. CRM software can capture that information and help gain insight into your customer like never before.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Collects customer info all in one place
  • Knows who your customers are
  • Where they’re spending money
  • Takes guesswork out of sales process
  • Offers a snapshot of how customers are engaging with you

Dynamics CRM gives you a better understanding of the relationship you have with a customer. CRM software allows you to have more of a say on how the relationship develops by giving you a vision into what’s not working and what is so you can change your tactics accordingly.


84% of customers want a consistent customer experience across all channels.

Combine the best of offline and online into a mobile world with a seamless experience.

A Point of Service (POS) is no longer a single point or channel. Customers want to be able to be able to combine the best of offline and online into a mobile world with a seamless experience that works around the way they want to buy. That means making sure store technology keeps up with these new habits. This is not the “either or” scenario pitting brick and mortar versus online. This is about increasing sales in all channels and having them work together seamlessly. Generating walk-ins through online features like book a meeting and click and connect. Using digital content to inform and convert. It makes buying easier while providing increased visibility on your customer – wherever they are.

OneViewCommerce software – Opening up a new world of retail

  • Untether store associates from registers
  • Put product info in the hands of associates
  • Help inform and expedite the buying process
  • Interact with customers and let them interact with you
  • Customers decide how the want to do business

From 0 to 60, OR 0 to Sold. You choose.

We focus on the business operations so you can focus on the rest of the business.

ITK Advisory works with emerging companies to achieve breakthrough growth by providing strategic and actionable advice. Our perspective is born from an ability to operate from both a top down and a bottom up point of view, while continually putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes.  Doesn’t hurt that we can speak to these disparate groups with equal ease.

  • Offers strategic insight and direction
  • Drives operational efficiency and profitability
  • Improve sales, service and support operations
  • Provides a framework, methodology and partner services to help you grow
  • Helps you avoid common pitfalls that impede growth
  • Allows you to focus on your core competencies

We focus on the business operations, and ways to make them work better, so you can focus on the rest of your business.

Our management team has taken companies from zero to sold.  ITK starts at the Board or CXO level to chart the strategic course and to clearly define the desired business outcomes. Then we roll up our sleeves with this group and the “boots on the ground” to assist in executing the plan to drive results. We’ve found that each of these groups provides a holistic perspective and enlightened insight.

What if the team doesn’t actually adopt the new software and processes?


There are a handful of important aspects of Change Management. Buy-in upfront. Setting Expectations. Creating a plan. And implementing the plan. All equally important.

What many companies don’t realize is that implementing software is not the same as the team adopting the software. We often have ROI discussions where the question is asked, “How long will it take for the software to pay for itself?” The reality is that it never will if the (ERP, CRM or POS) software and updated processes are not broadly adopted. That’s where Change Management enters the picture.

The assumption is not that people will adopt the software, but rather what will be needed for that to happen. You might think of it as buying insurance on a rather valuable item. Having an ERP system is of little value. Using it is where the value is. Or as Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, has said, “We can’t and should not celebrate our technology, the only thing worth celebrating is the success you have with our technology.”

How it works:

  • Obtaining Stakeholder Commitment upfront
  • Setting Expectations and Reducing Misinformation
  • Generating Change Plan
  • Implementing Change Management Adoption Plan


ITK can help with your__________.


Getting from where you ARE to where you WANT TO BE.

  • Growth Strategy
  • Founders Circle – Executive Coaching
  • Executive Team Meeting & Retreat Facilitation
  • Succession Planning
  • Business Planning and Outcomes
  • Interim COO

Interim VP of Sales and Marketing

  • Branding, Offline/Online Marketing and PR
  • Sales Enablement (Sales, Marketing & Technology)
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Operations
  • Sales Process & Methodology
  • Igniting revenue growth.

Creating off the chart Customer Satisfaction.

  • Service Delivery Team
  • Project Management
  • Change Management
  • Implementation Process, Methodology & Tools
  • Center of Excellence – Production Support
  • Interim VP of Services



  • 1

    ERP Implementation Services

    We work side by side with our clients and partners providing a leading role or a supporting role.

  • 2

    CRM Implementations

    We work side by side with our clients and partners providing a leading role or a supporting role.

  • 3

    Process Optimization

    We take an end-to-end, process based, series of steps to address key business challenges turning them into an action plan.

  • 4

    Performance Management

    Through analysis of business processes, ITK will define corporate strategic goals with a measurable outcome.

  • 5

    Change Management

    Our experienced Consultants align senior leadership on clear business deliverables by identifying the size, complexity and magnitude of the changes you will encounter. We guide you through various steps in the process with the goal of improving communication, setting expectations, reducing misinformation, and enabling users to fully benefit from the capabilities of the system.

  • 6

    Upgrades and Conversions

    We will guide you through all major areas to be aware of when contemplating an upgrade for your company.

  • 7

    Project Management

    IT Design-Integration
    Whether your enterprise has home grown applications or a patchwork of technology, we help you prepare for what’s to come.